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Primedic DEFI-B defibrillator (METRAX, Germany)




The pictograms on the front panel of the device provide easy control of the device functions. There is a baby electrode inside the standard electrode. Discharge is only possible when the buttons on the electrodes are activated simultaneously. Unused energy is automatically discharged. Powered by mains and built-in rechargeable battery. Rugged case allows to withstand the harsh working conditions.

Distinctive features
Monophasic damped sinusoidal pulse
Mode of operation: manual asynchronous
Time of energy accumulation for 360 J discharge – not more than 7 (9) seconds
Automatic reset function of accumulated energy if the discharge has not been made within 15 sec.
35 discharges of 360 J (+10 back-up) when battery is fully charged.
Pair of reusable external defibrillation electrodes (“irons”), adult and built-in baby electrodes
User interface with simple, intuitive symbols on touchpad and step-by-step instructions
Automatic internal self-test and functional check after power-on
AC 220 V power supply (integrated power supply) or rechargeable battery (integrated battery charger)
Cables of external discharge electrodes are reliably placed in the case
High reliability and easy operation
2-year manufacturer’s warranty (battery warranty – 6 months)


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